Terminology - Fit Guide

We use many terms to describe how the garment fit. To help you please read below:

Skinny Fit - A very tight fit garment which will suit someone who is a slim build looking for an extra fitted look from the clothing.

Slim Fit - A fitted garment that will fit close to the body and be more shaped, the look will be tight and be most suited for athletic builds.

Tailored Fit - A similar fit to a regular fit, however this garment will be tailored around the sides or the back to show off a shape suited for the muscular builds. This term is usually used for blazers and shirts. A tailored fit is true to size and is the correct fit for that size.

Regular Fit ( classic fit ) - A looser fit garment with less shape to it. It would be suited for any person who does not like clothes too close to their body and prefer some extra room.

Loose Fit - A baggy fit, that will come over sized than the size suggested. It will suit those who like an over-sized look from their clothing or may need a baggy fit for maximum room.

Custom fit - This fit normally refers to our Ralph Lauren Polo shirts, the fit is narrower in the chest, features shorter sleeves and hems for a streamlined fit. It would be suited for a muscular build.

Tapered fit - A tapered Jean becomes Skinner as they reach the ankle. They are normally wider at the thigh and thinner at the ankle but some get wider from the knee and thinner at the ankle. This will produce a cut that sits nicely on your shoes.

Comfort Fit - This fit will have more stretch to it. some comfort jeans are made out of a softer fabric. The fit is normally a straight leg fit with elastane, giving the jean a more comfortable feel.

Straight leg fit - A straight leg Jean Runs straight down the length of the leg from the hip ankle. It is a slim fit which skims the legs slimming the thighs and the calves.

Bootcut fit - The bootcut fit follows the thigh but flares slightly from the knee and is the more flattering Jean.

Stretch - A garment with stretch in it will have elastane in it making the fabric stretchy, the amount of stretch will depend on the percentage of the elastane it has.