Which Suit Suits You? Repertoire’s Guide To Suit Styling

Whether you have a party, wedding, date or business occasion, a suit will always be the right answer. They will never go out of fashion and can be tailored for any specific event that you are going to. However , the next steps that you may be wondering are what kind of suit do you go for and what colour? Well, we definitely have the right one for you!

Like all things, there are some rules that you need to follow when wearing a suit and first things first, the most important thing about your suit is undoubtedly the fit. You don’t want it to look tight, nor do you want to look like you’re drowning in fabric . The jacket sleeve should show just a peak of your shirt, and the shirt cuffs will exceed the suit jacket by about half an inch. The shoulder should sit perfectly uncreased, and you should have a smart, sharp silhouette. Trousers are also just as important and the length must sit perfectly on your ankle before it rests on the shoe.

Once you’ve got your fit sorted, you need to decide how to style your suit.

If you’re after a professional suit to wear to the workplace, always go with navy. Black is too formal and bright colours aren’t appropriate (if you want to be taken seriously that is). Our Hugo Boss suits are stylish and smart option – keep your look classic and wear with a BOSS shirt and a stylish Etro tie. When it comes to shoes, complete your look with a pair of classic brown loafers from Jeffery West and match with a brown leather BOSS belt.

For a more classic look, make a statement by going for a grey piece. Forget the pocket squares and ties, simply style a grey Emporio Armani suit with an Emanuel Berg shirt. Complete the look with some luxury leather shoes from Jeffery West and if you’re deciding whether to tie or not to tie, then definitely add a black Emporio Armani tie to the look as it accentuates the black shoes. This style will be sure to turn heads at any special event.

Always follow the rules when it comes to a suit but if you want to be daring and add accessories, don’t let it over power the simplicity of a suit. If you want a pop of colour, then wear a pocket square to add consistency to your look and shoes are always important to finish the look. If you wear the wrong colour it can bring the whole outfit down so remember to wear brown shoes with navy or grey and a black shoe will certainly fit best with a grey suit.

Which suit style is your favourite?

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