What to Wear to a Wedding: Men’s Edit

Weddings aren’t as simple as they used to be. What used to be a stress-free, fun occasion of throwing on a suit, now requires much more thought. With all sorts of themes from rustic country to city sleek, it’s difficult to know what to wear to what wedding! Fear not, Repertoire have a great selection of ready-to-wear wedding gear to choose from – no matter what wedding you’re attending!

This outfit is perfect if you want to go for a more timeless, classic look. Combine a BOSS Blazer Jacket with a BOSS Waistcoat and BOSS Suit Trousers to create an elegant three-piece suit. Pair this with a Stenströms White Shirt for a modern floral twist and complement this with an Emporio Armani Tie. Finally, accessorise this look with an Anderson’s Belts Leather Belt and a pair of Jeffery West Shoes – and remember, ALWAYS match the colour of your shoes to your belt!

Make a bold statement at the evening reception with this fun, yet tailored look. A unique Etro Floral Print Shirt can be dressed down with these tapered BOSS trousers. Complement the shirt with a pair of bold Jeffery West Shoes and a matching Anderson’s Belts Leather Belt. Finally, to add a touch of elegance, finish your floral look with these BOSS Cufflinks.

Trying to abide by a specific colour scheme may be the most challenging task when trying to find what to wear for a wedding. You have to take all things into consideration, such as what suit will match with a particular shirt, and what shoes do I then wear with it? But fear not, because you most definitely can’t go wrong with a grey suit. Especially with an elegant Emporio Armani Suit which complements a pink shirt perfectly and looks even better with a silk tie. Lastly, wear a pair of Jeffery West Shoes with a brown Anderson’s Belts Leather Belt for a complete look.

Look elegant without trying too hard with this smart and clean cut outfit. Center your look around this textured Circolo 1901 Blazer which you can wear over a smart Emanuel Berg White Shirt. Wear a pair of BOSS Trousers with a complementing Emporio Armani Leather Belt to keep your style looking edgy. Finish the outfit with a pair of Jeffery West Shoes and for an elegant touch pair with this BOSS Tie to keep the shirt looking formal.

Hopefully searching for your wedding attire will be a whole lot easier with our wide selection of clothing  and pieces that we’ve put together – these are just a few examples that you can try! The idea is to wear a simple shirt or patterned one if you want to be daring, and pair it with a textured suit jacket. Play around with your accessories, and see what colours and patterns compliment with one another, but remember you can’t go wrong with a leather belt and matching pair of shoes. Smart elegance done just right for a wedding.

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