The Knitwear Debate: V neck vs Crew neck

Knitwear always seems to represent the promise of the upcoming Winter season. Not only practical and essential, but knitwear is also stylish and versatile too. Arguably more important than the perfect t-shirt or even jacket as a jumper has the ability to transform an outfit, imagine your favourite Armani shirt and jean combination without anything to set it off? Or putting on a Barbour with just a polo on underneath when the mornings are as fresh as this week? Knitwear can coordinate and complete a man’s winter wardrobe so effectively that, you may have noticed, we women will more often than not wear your jumpers too!71fe185655e4420a21d71ebcc6e17692 With this in mind, we thought we would take a look at which sweater is better? The v neck jumper or the crew neck knit? Here at Repertoire we have a whole host of designer jumpers available whether it is an Armani sweater, a Ralph Lauren knitwear, a Vivienne Westwood jumper or Hugo Boss sweatshirt – the decision is yours. We have decided to spark a debate on what makes the jumper of choice: v neck or crew neck.

Hugo Boss Green Jumper, Purple V Neck ‘Vime_FA’ Knit

A  Hugo Boss v neck jumper from the Boss Black range or a Hugo Boss jumper in a crew neck from the Boss Orange label. The Hugo Boss menswear collection alone has a wonderful variety of fine knitwear – a stand-out piece is this Hugo Boss Green jumper, shown here – a great investment as it is a more relaxed style but the v is highlighted with a contrasting white stitch that would look great teamed with some of our Barbour fashion, a simple t-shirt.


Original Penguin Jumper, Blue Infinity Lambswool V-Neck Knit

Where would you wear the crew neck, for instance? It is less open in its complete circle style but also comfortable, yet a v neck lends itself to a shirt underneath and also is more relaxed yet can look appear sleeker for formal occasions. Whereas you can equally wear a crew neck knit with a denim shirt perhaps by Ralph Lauren for a relaxed weekend style that looks cool but keeps out the cold too, like the following image shows. Wear a lambswool piece of Original Penguin knitwear, this v neck is classic with its clean cut rib detail at the v, collar, cuffs and hem, but would reveal more of a shirts colour and design through its open neckline. 14


Armani Jeans Jumper, Bordeaux Crew Neck Regular Fit Elbow Patch Knit

In rich bordeaux, with contrasting elbow patches, this Armani jumper is so far from the usual Armani hoodie that are popular from this label, reflecting that there are so many different style combinations to be had whether you adopt the v or crew neck style of knitwear this season. ajm_patch_knt_bordeaux_b We guarantee Winter can be made bearable with the ultimate piece of knitwear, whichever neckline you prefer, join our debate today!

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