Kent & Curwen: Heritage & David Beckham

Known for it’s true British heritage, Kent & Curwen was founded in 1926 by Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen. They first began by designing and manufacturing repp ties for military, club and universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. Then in 1932, Kent & Curwen decided to branch further into the fashion sector by purchasing a knitwear factory in London to create their first ever cricket sweater – a style that would later on distinguish their style and reputation around the world. More than 50 years after the brand’s founding, the Three Lions Herald became Kent & Curwen‘s iconic, registered trademark, which is inspired by the England Crest and seen on the majority of their garments alongside the English rose logo.

Eric Kent had a unique style which still inspires designs to this day. When designing ties when the brand was first founded, he would throw flowers on the atelier floor to find unexpected, yet now iconic, colour combinations. He tried also combining unexpected dress codes such as mixing rugby and cricket inspired clothing with more formal items.

Fast forwarding to the 21st century, to continue the legacy of Kent & Curwen, creative director Daniel Kearn went into partnership with David Beckham to establish a new blueprint (with still keeping Kent & Curwen roots at heart), to create a fresh take on the way the modern gentlemen dresses today. Beckham is involved in all aspects of the business including design, product development, advertising and market expansion.

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