Introducing Maharishi – Fair Trade and Military Inspired

Maharishi (ma·ha·ri·shi (mäha-rē′shē, named after the Hindi word for guru) has focused on producing environmentally sound, fair-traded, high quality, practical clothing since 1994.  Maharishi refrains from being mainstream and conforming to typical fashion trends and has created a following for those seeking a unique, individual style. Maharishi was hugely popular in the 1990s, it’s iconic combats were worn by key celebrities at the time. Now once again, people are appreciating the brand’s core qualities and ethical values. Coupled with Maharishi’s innovative designs, the brand is especially relevant to today’s consumer, which is fuelling a massive resurgence of the brand, making Maharishi a HOT BRAND for 2017.

Maharishi’s latest collection for SS17 is based on their Tour of Africa and inspired by military influences in that region. Using a natural colour palette extracted from the mines of Africa. This season’s camouflage print ‘Tigerstripe Murale’ builds on the traditional Tiger Stripe print using hand screen print techniques, which allows Maharishi to create a tiger stripe design with various thickness and densities for the stripes.

The latest collection at Repertoire feature bold prints and contemporary designs. Perfect for the modern man’s urban wardrobe.

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