C.P. Jackets: Why The Goggles?

First designed in the 1980’s, C.P Company’s iconic goggle jacket, originally created for the Italian Mille Migla off road race, has remained a cult menswear piece to this day.

Throughout the company’s history, founder Massimo Osti was determined to create ‘what does not yet exist’.
Drawing inspiration from the protective hoods and anti-gas masks used by the army – Osti created several prototypes for his goggle jacket. Mirroring the functionality of the Swiss Field jacket,
the carefully crafted shell protected the wearer from mud and rain, whilst the pocket system allowed gear and supplies to be carried.
These historical influences gave him the idea of moving the lenses from the collar to the hood itself, creating the current goggle jacket that symbolizes the labels ethos: Function and use.

Timeless, unique and bold, this jacket which has been produced in endless variations since 1988 – remains a symbol of Massimo’ Osti’s creativity and outstanding talent.

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